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One comment on “Incourt
  1. Tima zegt:

    I fail to see the relevance of pontis 3, 4, and 5.Point 3: So what if course packs are legal in other countries? I would have thought that the question is whether course packs are in conformity with Indian law as it stands.Point 4: Not all violations of copyright amount to piracy. Wikipedia notes that piracy has been traditionally defined as “copyright infringement intentionally committed for financial gain.” Has CUP/OUP alleged that DU (through Rameshwari) has deliberately ignored copyright for financial gain?Point 5: The 10% limit seems to refer to rulings in American courts. How does that apply to India? Has any Indian court judged that 10% (or whatever) is the appropriate limit? Or is it that American court rulings are now binding on us?With all due respect, this is not at all well argued. If you want to argue that something is legal in India, then the reference has to be to the provisions of Indian law. This is addressed to some extent in the first two pontis but even there, you have unnecessary references to happenings in Canada etc. And I note with some amusement that all the photos seem to be American or more generally Western. Can’t you at least get photos featuring Delhi University (the defendant) instead of ones featuring Michigan State University? Yes, I suppose we ought to be saying “Go Spartans!”

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