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  1. Breno zegt:

    Blinking Nora, I feel I’m late to the party tonight!HairPhilip Kingsley if I’m fenlieg crappy and need a pick me up otherwise whatever is half price at Tesco. I find changing my shampoo works and I think that is why Mr Kingley works because it takes the residue from other shampoo’s away. I also find washing it every morning is baaaaad so I was every day and a half. Its fine with Curly hair. Straight hair would not recommend!I have curly brunette hair which sometimes looks like Ms Cole and sometimes like I put my finger in a socket. The ONLY thing that works for shine? A decent blowdry. We all know that is why Ms Middleton has shiney glossy locks. Don’t worry, am sure on W-Day your hair will be super shiney!Facial SkincareMine is Liz Earle cleanse and polish, origins zero oil toner, origins brighter by nature serum and zero oil moisturiser. I don’t have greasy skin but I find the zero oil makes me less spotty. I find the Lidl one CLOGGS my pores something chronic. I don’t like fenlieg like I have anything on my skin (and even the number seven feels heavy to me) so I am sticking with liquid. P.S. Anyone wanting dermalogica try googling jersey beauty. The girls at work SWEAR by this website for cheap Dermalogica products.BackOne of those long brush things from Boots (a38) and shower gel. No problems. But mine is worse in winter too. I think its because your back doesn’t get as much fresh air. I like the sound of the massages but I’m rationed otherwise I would demand them ALL the time. Upper armsI’ve not found anything but I keep meaning to try that MAC stuff Charlotte recommended.UnderarmNo idea. I am going to try waxing. Even though it makes me feel like a chicken every time I go for my eyebrows, legs and other bits P.S. Aisling what’s a doctor who?Dry legsI don’t really get this. I get dry knees but not very often and only when I fall over.I love posts like this. They are SO helpful.

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